IMP POS began life in 2013 & 2014 as the in-house software driving Backstage Hobbies & Games, a small brick & mortar store in Ludington, Michigan.

Nate Petersen, owner of Backstage, is a programmer by hobby and education and had spent years searching out software to achieve a tighter integration and control of the sweeping game store stock potential; to be able to have an effective catalog of secondary market, prices, and to make these available to others online for viewing while remaining accurate in-store.

After a variety of attempts to build his own and finally a subscription to a commcerical program offering the same, Nate discovered OpenCart, an eCommerce solution that was both Open Source and expandable! With the basic eCommerce and base commerce operations satisfied, the important tools to develop became data acquisition and updates! Quickly coming together thereafter, Nate was able to begin utilizing the early incarnations of IMP in early 2014!

By 2015, many other game stores were reaching similar conclusions: the future of hobby game store retail, and the future of trading card singles especially, hinged on an inventory available to our customers 24/7 with regularly updated and managed pricing. Knowing of Nate's project, several stores kept tabs on the development and in the loop, so to speak. After a commercial provider's service failure set several of these stores back, they contacted Nate about opening the system for additional users, soon.

With a system fairly well tested in the trenches of his own store, Nate spent the next several months cleaning up administrative interfaces and in February of 2016 opened IMP POS to additional stores!

Nate Petersen
Owner & Developer, IMP POS
Owner, Backstage Hobbies & Games

Game Store Owner since 2007; Hobby programmer since 1998