IMP POS is, at this time, strictly a web-based software. We are exploring methods to make a program or app, as appropriate, to offer offline sales support down the road.
A basic IMP installation takes around a half-hour, from subscribing to having access to your administrative panel! This is thank in part to a series of automated processes that streamline the whole system. Your Setup Fee also includes one-on-one assistance and Q&A with IMP staffers who can get your setup rolling!
We're going to say "No," its not a turn-key solution, and here's why: IMP offers an array of powerful price and inventory management tools. Setting these tools up to achieve your desired results will take some time, but once set up and your preferences loaded, much of the system will run on automatic. You could be selling product off the system almost immediately, but you will definately get more out of it by taking time and setting the system up to meet your needs first.
Yes, you can! There is no technical reason you cannot use IMP. It largely becomes a matter of preference; as there is poor data on the subject, we have no international price sources. IMP will import US-based prices into the system, though controls within the system will perform currency conversions for you and deal in your currency of choice. Most tools are already equipped with translations for various languages and our custom modules are in the process of being updated for the same.
Support for eBay and Amazon marketplaces is expected early 2017. Support for industry marketplaces will follow thereafter once we can acquire permissions and built supporting tools!